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Now in over 3,000 outlets nationwide and growing rapidly!

Hispanic Beverages:

Mexican Restaurants – From small taquerias to formal Mexican dining, including restaurants offering a mix of Mexican food items along with traditional American foods.
Convenience Stores – JW has provided beverages to the major C-Store chains in the U.S. since 1990, and is currently the only corporate approved supplier of BIB Horchata to BP/Arco, Circle K and 7-Eleven.
Hispanic Supermarkets/Delis – If foodservice is available, Mexican beverages will be part of the menu.
Mobile Catering – A large number of mobile catering companies in Southern California now offer JW’s Horchata as part of their standard Hispanic menu.
Hotels, Casinos, Convention Centers and other Institutional Service Operations – Most of these applications employ a large percentage of Hispanic workers, and offer the traditional Mexican beverage choices in their employee dining rooms as an important employee benefit.
Swap Meets – The Hispanic culture has traditionally used open air markets as a primary shopping medium, and foodservice is a big part of the attraction.
Entertainment/Sporting Event Venues – Soccer, boxing and baseball venues are popular Hispanic entertainment choices, along with programs featuring Mexican music and dancing.

Whipped Beverages:

Restaurants and All Other Casual Dining – Whipped beverages are a very popular alternative to carbonated soda choices because of the fruit content and enhanced nutritional value. The Whipped products cross all ethnic boundaries and compliment a wide array of menu choices.